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The Backstory

Behind the Diamond Spring Brewing Company Name

The Diamond Spring Brewing Company name itself is a historical nod to the many businesses who came before us bearing the Diamond Spring name, but was especially chosen to honor the family ties our head brewer has to both Diamond Spring Dairy and the Diamond Spring Delicatessen! 


Say, Hello

Say, hello, to our owner and head brewer's Grandpa Eddy delivering milk on a snowy Denville day in 1940...Grandpa Eddy and his brother Dellie owned and operated the dairy company.

A Business Downtown

Grandpa Eddy's two brothers Dellie and Nelson (pictured here) founded, owned, and operated Diamond Spring Delicatessen.


Denville Homestead

Grandpa Eddy grew up in Denville, and you might recognize his childhood farmhouse still located next to Muriel Hepner Park and across the street from Valleyview Middle School.

Family & Community

Grandpa Eddy raised three children in Denville and was a member of the Fire Department.


Here, Here!

Grandpa and his buddies ALSO LIKED BEER. So, now we've come full circle and you're all caught up!

Inspiring New Beginnings

While our brewery is an homage to our family roots as long-time Denvillians, we have designed our new space to elevate and complement the vibrant, modern town Denville has become - a space where our neighbors near and far can gather and enjoy each others' company over a pint. Come out and say, hi!


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