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Welcome to Our Beer Garden - Policies

In order for our beer garden to stay clean, comfortable, and safe, we depend upon our patrons to respect the following policies while visiting the Diamond Spring Brewing Co.

All well-behaved adults, children, and dogs are welcome!

We encourage a family-friendly atmosphere in our beer garden, which means we have extended our welcome to your children and dogs. However, we ask that all minors and dogs are accompanied by an adult (21 or older) at all times and that their behavior is monitoredPlease note that several breweries in our area have recently changed policies for children and pets after too many situations where a few adults allowed their children or dogs ruin it for the well-behaved majority of children, pets (and their parents). Don't be that person. Please remember that family-friendly does not mean the garden is a free-for-all daycare/jungle gym, and pet-friendly does not mean we are a dog park, training facility or fight club ;-) Primarily, our beer garden is a place for adult humans to enjoy the beer tasting experience and relax. So if patrons, their children, or dogs are interfering with that experience, guests may be removed at management's discretion. Parents allowing children to run wild, scream, or climb on furniture or the fence and loud or aggressive pets will be asked to leave. We are a family-owned business with children and pets of our own and it was very important to us that your whole family feels welcome here - let's keep it that way!

Tables are shared. Make new friends! 

Tables and chairs in our taproom and beer garden are first come, first serve. Beer garden comes from the German "Biergarten." At their core, biergartens are a place to drink beer communally at tables outside a brewery. This means: you make room for others, you talk to your neighbors, and enjoy your place in the beer community. You might find it interesting to know that beer gardens in New Jersey may just be the closest thing to authentic as you can get! Biergartens were originally born when brewers in Munich started adding tables and food to their establishments, which upset the restaurant industry - and so in 1812 the King decreed that brewers could sell beer and bread but nothing else. (Sound familiar?)

Bringing in Outside food is ENCOURAGED!

As per New Jersey brewery regulations, we are not permitted to serve food. We are, however, located in the middle of over 35 eating establishments and we encourage you to bring your own food and snacks. During peak hours, whenever possible, we offer food runners for food pickups within the downtown limits. When our runners are present, you may take advantage of this service. This is a first job EVER for many of our youngest food runners, please be patient and respectful, and if you appreciate their footwork in making your experience at DSBC even more enjoyable, tips are welcome. We are teaching good work ethic and customer service skills to our youngest community members.

Dogs Must Be Friendly, Quiet and Leashed. Pet Owners Be Vigilant!

We welcome friendly, quiet dogs into our garden (not on the tables please). All dogs must be leashed. Service dogs are permitted inside the taproom if they are required to perform a task for you. While we know all dog owners PREFER to stay with their pets at all times and take them inside, we ask that you only do so if it is absolutely necessary (pet hair in the taproom gets nuts! And many pups do not enjoy being stuck under a table with lots of legs and feet closing them in.) Leashes may NOT be secured to the fencing, tables or chairs (an adult human MUST be on the other end!) No retractable leashes. The privilege of dogs in the beer garden can only continue if we do not have incidents. Please note: The beer garden is a 'no potty' zone. If pet accidents occur, please clean them up promptly and thoroughly and do not leave poo bags - we have garbages. Lastly, don't forget to keep Fido comfortable at our Pup Hydration Station and order some Mutts on Main treats and our food runners can pick them up at the cafe for you!

Please enjoy our open games area and play with care!

Stretch your legs and enjoy our open games portion of the beer garden, but please do not move yard game equipment from the open game area. For the safety of our patrons, sport balls, frisbees, and planes/flighted toys or games are not permitted in the beer garden.

Please treat our beer garden and its contents with respect.

Gosh we noticed this one is hard to resist, but please, please do not dig, throw, or move the rocks - this is our "floor" and moving stones will not only create a mess, it could create a tripping hazard for other guests. Do not move the picnic tables. No dogs, kids, or butts on the table tops please. We have napkins, please clean up spills or food messes for the next guest. If you have an issue with a spill or breakage, please see a staff member. 

Beer is to be consumed inside the fence only, please.

No alcoholic drinks (OR BREWERY GLASSES) are permitted outside the garden fence. Please also note that growlers or crowlers are for off-site consumption only. No outside alcohol is permitted. If you love our pub glasses, we do encourage you to support this small business by purchasing them from our merch shop! 

The beer garden is a non-smoking environment.

No smoking or vaping is permitted inside the garden fence. FYI, if you love cigars with your beer, we encourage you to take a walk just a few steps down the block and enjoy our awesome local cigar spot on the corner of First Avenue and Diamond Spring Road!

LASTLY, we hate to even have to say any of this. Above all, we ask that you HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE BEER!

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