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What's on Tap!

16 oz - $8
10 oz - $5
Specialty Pours - $7

Hop Flights
(Three 5oz Pours)

Crowler - $16
Crowler 3-Pack - $45
Growler (Re)Fill* - $30

*Does not include the cost of Growler
12oz 6-Packs of Select Brands $15-$16

Juice Box

6.0% ABV | NEIPA

Splash into a glass of this dank and piney IPA balanced perfectly with bright tropical and floral aromas and notes of grapefruit, pineapple, and stone fruit.

Lakeside IPA

5.7% ABV | West Coast IPA

Relax, you're on lake time! A tribute to our many surrounding lake communities in Denville, Rockaway & Mountain Lakes, the Lakeside is our lazy day session IPA. Enjoy the citrus, hoppy goodness.

Extra Squeeze 10oz $7

10.3% ABV | Triple IPA

Get ready for this knockout brew! A citrus double punch with vibrant juicy flavors of stone fruit, grapefruit and citrus. Watch out for this one - it's a sneaky and delicious 10.3 % ABV double IPA.


6.6% ABV | Coconut Hazy IPA

A refreshing New England hazy IPA. With an amazing coconut aroma and flavor, it's straight out of Malibu. Creamy and hazy with a blend of Amarillo, Simcoe, and Citra hops.

Sunset Hibiscus

5.2% ABV | Blonde Ale

a blonde ale with a pink twist thanks to steeped hibiscus and blood orange. It's light and refreshing with low bitterness and is bursting with tart yet sweet fruity notes. Fair warning: this one goes down easy, folks!

Diamond Spring American Lager

5.6% ABV | Lager

Combines a classic beer style with craft brewery refinement. Clear and crisp with malty, bready aromas and low bitterness.


5.1% ABV | Schwarzbier (German Dark Lager)

Don't let the color fool you! Onyx is a very drinkable, well-balanced beer. Smooth, medium-light body with rich bready malt flavor and just a hint of roast. A collaboration project with award-winning Home Brewer, Curt Metrokotsas.


5.7% ABV | Weiss Bier

Hefeweizen is a type of weiss beer—German for “white beer.” It's light and refreshing. Considered by many to be a great hot weather beer, this is a great one any time of year.

Nut Smuggler

5.3% ABV | Nut Brown Ale

Nutty? YES. Malty? YOU BETCHA! Somebody took ALL THE NUTS and slipped them into this deliciously satifying nut brown ale.

Velveteen Caramel

6.6% ABV | Historical Ale

This historical ale has a velveteen quality with just a touch of sweetness in the finish thanks to caramelized brown sugar.

Plum Crazy 10oz $7

9.3% ABV | Winter Abbey Strong Ale

Hold on to your seats, this one is for the pros! Enjoy this popular beer style with a sweet twist, thanks to a hint of plum, pear, brown sugar, and spices. 

Pipe Dreams

5.0% ABV | Smoked Vanilla Porter

 The aroma of vanilla smoke can take us to another place.This brew is full of sweet nostalgia and dreamy happy memories. On nitro the velvety porter has a rich smoky flavor with a hint of vanilla. Where is it taking you?


5.3% ABV | Pastry Stout

So good, you'll want to dunk! Special B malt gives this brew a dark caramel taste with subtle notes of burnt sugar and raisin. (Contains Lactose - so it's pretty much the same as a glass of milk, right?)

Broadway Pucker

5.4% ABV | Sour

Enjoy this tart and tangy showstopper straight-up or choose your own adventure and add a sweet fruity twist with our fruit purees.
Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 4.05.43 PM.png

Diamond Spring Hard Seltzer

5.5% ABV | Hard Seltzer

Our hard seltzer and natural fruit purees are a crowd pleaser for sweetness with zero pungent after taste. These go down easy -  sorry, not sorry!
Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 4.06.41 PM.png

Homemade Soda


Enjoy a soda flight (or 16oz pour) of our homemade sodas. See the digital taplist screen in our taproom or a staff member for today's flavors!
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