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Got questions about your Diamond Spring Brewing, CO. experience? Check out these common queries. Also, read our Beer Garden Policies before your visit.

See the Downtown Denville Parking Map

What's on tap?

You can always find our current taplist on the website main menu under Taproom. You may also follow @diamondspringbrewing on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date on new beer releases.

Where can I park?

Please view the parking map provided on this page to find an appropriate place to park during your visit downtown. There are a variety of free parking options for 1-to-3 hours surrounding the brewery. Walking and biking are also a great option for nearby visitors.

Is your atmosphere family/pet-friendly?

Ale, yeah! All well-behaved kiddos and dogs are welcome at DSBC! Events always have a bit of family flare, and our downtown location means that you can always slip away for a walk around the block if kiddos or pets need a brief change of scenery (or a pet potty break). All minors and dogs must be accompanied by an adult at all times and on their best behavior while visiting the brewery. Dogs are not permitted inside the building, sorry! See additional Beer Garden policies in the Taproom dropdown menu.

Do you serve food at the brewery?

(Or do you have food trucks?) We get this question A LOT. The short answer is no. But wait, wait, hear us out! It's not that we don't want to (well, actually, we're not restaurateurs, it's not really our thing), but that point aside, as per our Limited Brewery License, we CAN'T actually serve you food or coordinate with restaurants or food trucks! I know, it's kind of weird, right? Especially if you're from out of state, we get it. It can be seriously strange. We feel you.  But, fear not!! Our brewery in downtown Denville, NJ, is RIGHT SMACK-DAB in the middle of over 35 freaking eateries! BAM, you're welcome. That's seriously better variety and quality than we could ever dream to offer you on our own! Menus are available, and enjoying meals and snacks from our neighbors is super easy. We also have a selection of dried snacks from Kariba Farms in Dover, NJ. Feel free to bring food when you visit or take advantage of our Broadway food runner! No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted. Noteable options just steps from the brewery include burgers, pizza, gyros, tacos, and ice cream. Missing a fork or ketchup? Hit up our complementary condiment station, but don't forget to clean up your trash - thank you!

Do you do beer flights?

Yes! We offer "hop flights" in a handy carrier with three 5oz pours of your choice.

Do you offer any gluten-free or non-alcoholic options?

In addition to beer, we have a self-serve water station, homemade sodas, and hard seltzer available. We do not have gluten-free beer at this time.

Do you fill growlers, crowlers, or sell cans to go?

Yes, we have growlers available for purchase at the brewery an in our online merchandise store and we will fill clean DSBC growlers only at this time. GOOGLE PROPER CARE. Delicious beer and dirty or soapy growlers DO NOT mix! 🤢 Crowlers (32oz aluminum cans) are available on demand in our taproom. Currently, we are not selling pre-packaged cans.

Can I buy a keg or sixtel? 

Yes! Kegs and sextels are available as supplies allow, but must be reserved in advance. Please use our website contact form to request a keg.

Do you have a beer garden?

The Diamond Spring Brewing Co. has a 6,000 sqft gravel beer garden. Enjoy picnic tables with umbrellas, adirondak chairs, and outdoor games. Please see the Taproom main menu for full Beer Garden Policies.

Do you take reservations?

All seating is first come, first serve.

Can I book a private event?

We do not have a private party area, but you may use our website contact form to request to rent the brewery for a private event and we will let you know if we can accomodate you and your guests. When booking private events, the State allows you to cater your party with food of your choice and also bring in wine to enjoy in addition to our beer, seltzer, and homemade sodas.

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